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This is a question Road Rage

Last week I had to stop a guy attacking another one in the middle of the road - one had run the lights whilst on the phone and the other had objected. I actually had to take the attacker's car keys out of their car and tell him he wasn't getting them back till he calmed down.

Looking back on it, I was lucky I was feeling all parental and in control or the situation could have panned out very differently.

Have you lost it on the roads, or have you been on the recieving end of some nutter?

(, Thu 12 Oct 2006, 21:31)
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JUST got off the phone to my Dad
He was in Jewsons (the builders' merchant) when some spastic in a massive pickup (a new Mitsubishi Warrior, in immaculate condition parks in the yard.

It's a big old yard, because it has big old trucks reversing in to drop off steel, tonnes of bricks and pallets of concrete. There's one small section with yellow cross-hatching marked "NO PARKING" because thats where the fork lift comes out to unload the big trucks.

There's plenty of space to park your car, but the Warrior driver decides that that yellow cross-hatching is the best place to park so that he can inspect some nearby bricks. He exits the car, wanders over the lot, and the fat bastard that usually drives the fork lift has had enough. I've seen him yell nine shades of shit out of someone's ears before, but this has driven him over the edge. My dad said "he ran like a hormonal orangutan" towards the fork lift, hopped in, and ran it full tilt , prongs raised, across 300m of car park into the Warrior, impaling it sideways through the engine and the front passenger door. He tries a go at lifting it too, seriously fucking it up, before returning the fork lift to it's parked position.

Not on a road, but that's some justifiable anger management right there.
(, Mon 16 Oct 2006, 14:29, Reply)

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