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This is a question Road Rage

Last week I had to stop a guy attacking another one in the middle of the road - one had run the lights whilst on the phone and the other had objected. I actually had to take the attacker's car keys out of their car and tell him he wasn't getting them back till he calmed down.

Looking back on it, I was lucky I was feeling all parental and in control or the situation could have panned out very differently.

Have you lost it on the roads, or have you been on the recieving end of some nutter?

(, Thu 12 Oct 2006, 21:31)
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ok, i'm a learner so i expect most of you hate people like me, but what i REALLY hate is when inconsiderate w*nkers in expensive cars force their way past me when it's my f*cking right of way just because they can! If there was a single group of drivers that actually deserve some extra consideration its surely the people who have just started and so are as dangerous to others as to themselves!
If i f*ck up its [vaguely] understandable to be pissed off with me. But if i'm doing 30 in a 30 zone, with my L-plates on (shame, i know), what i dont need is some arrogant, 2nd-hand cumsock compensating for a small penis by flashing and tailgating learners!

Gd they irritate me, but not quite as much as the ridiculous ways you can fail your test, like if someone is speeding and fails to stop at red lights and hits you, the examiner can fail you for that!

there's so much i could rant about but i feel better now, so you're relieved of that...
(, Tue 17 Oct 2006, 19:38, Reply)

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