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This is a question Road Trip

Gather round the fire and share stories of epic travels. Remember this is about the voyage, not what happened when you got there. Any of that shite and you're going in the fire.

Suggestion by Dr Preference

(, Thu 14 Jul 2011, 22:27)
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When I was a kitten we used to go camping up to North Devon, my Mum, Dad, Sister and I. Sis and I would be sat on top of all the duvets on the back seat with our heads touching the top of the car. Ah, those were the days.

One time my Sister got very travel sick, we had these little hand puppets to abuse* us in the car. She filled hers with vom, then threw it at me. I'm not sure how intentional it was but it put me off The Wuzzles for quite a while.


*meant to be amuse but I prefer autocorrect's version. Also autocorrect's wanted to come up as scroteberries - my phone is awesome
(, Fri 15 Jul 2011, 9:07, 5 replies)
ahhhh north devon would love to move back and live there again

(, Fri 15 Jul 2011, 11:09, closed)
Has the best ice cream, and crabs
(, Fri 15 Jul 2011, 11:28, closed)
I assume...
That's a place and not a person with sweet treats, and questionable hygene?
(, Fri 15 Jul 2011, 12:13, closed)
You would assume that....

(, Fri 15 Jul 2011, 13:28, closed)
my brother lives next to bideford in norham

(, Sat 16 Jul 2011, 12:14, closed)

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