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This is a question Rubbish Towns

I once went to Basildon. It was closed, I got chased by a bunch of knuckle-dragged yobs until I was lost in a maze of concrete alleyways and got food poisoning off pie. Tell us about the awful places you've visited or have your home.

Thanks to SpankyHanky for the suggestion

(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 11:07)
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Pine Creek....
is about 110 km south of Darwin - Northern Territory.

We got stuck there for three days.
Every day it is over 35 degrees. There is no Air conditioning. No pools. Mosquitos in the toilet bowls, showers and washing machines. It is filled with people living dole-cheque to dole-cheque, who theive from you the second your attention wavers.

And it's the absolute pits when your car breaks down, and the nearest place that has your part is 800 km away, because Darwin doesn't have any. Especially when the store keeper leers at your 9 year old self.

Pine Creek - for fucks sake, if you go to Australia - NEVER, go there if you can avoid it. Drive straight through.
(, Thu 29 Oct 2009, 11:22, 1 reply)
Remote Australian Towns
I was gonna write something about them. The glory that is Hells Crack, for instance. But really... I just want to forget.
(, Thu 5 Nov 2009, 3:08, closed)

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