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This is a question Schadenfreude

There's nothing like administering first aid to cyclist who has just spanged into the back of a milk float when you have tears of laughter running down your face. The world is just one long episode of You've Been Framed - when have you laughed at the misfortune of others?

Suggested by althechristmasgeordie

(, Thu 17 Dec 2009, 12:05)
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Kids on bikes
Always remember the time I saw a kid on his BMX bike, he couldn't have been more than 8, flying down the street with a black bin bag as a cape (fuck knows what super hero or cartoon character he was pretending to be).
Anyway, the bin bag cape was just slightly too long for him, and as he got about a 3rd of the way down the street, the cape must have snagged on his bike chain, yanking him backwards as if he'd been clothes lined.

For about another 50 yards I saw this kid lying horizontal on the seat with his feet stuck under the handlebars, holding his neck in case his head was about to fall off ... TWAT ... straight into one of those old stone / pebble litter bins that you used to see outside of chippy's.

Both my mate and myself couldn't help but piss ourselves with laughter that could have been heard from Wembly stadium.

Mind you, the tough little bastard finally freed himself got up and gave the bike a good kick for good measure, like people kick tyres of cars to test them, amazingly NOT A SINGLE TEAR OR CRY was given.
Thinking about it now, I'm sure he grew up and became some sort of kickboxing champion or something ...
(, Wed 23 Dec 2009, 22:40, Reply)

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