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This is a question School Days

"The best years of our lives," somebody lied. Tell us the funniest thing that ever happened at school.

(, Thu 29 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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Then there was the time...
...when I was vision mixer for our Year 13 prizegiving, which was a flash way of saying I decided whether camera 1 or camera 2 were on the projector screen at any given time.

The guy in charge of sound was a friend of mine and I convinced him to play the Imperial Death March from Star Wars when our principal was walking onto the stage for his attempt at an inspirational speech. The teacher in charge of us got a bit of a bollocking for letting us do it, but later he told me it was totally worth it. The best part is that it did undermine his speech as the audience never quite got over that initial gigglefit.
(, Sun 1 Feb 2009, 11:59, Reply)

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