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This is a question School Days

"The best years of our lives," somebody lied. Tell us the funniest thing that ever happened at school.

(, Thu 29 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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I was a tender child.
I think the term "Hypochondriac" might have been made especially for little me. The fact was I hated, really REALLY HATED school from the ages of about ten to around twelve, and would basically make myself ill to avoid going in. In my first year of high school, I recall I had.....

A headache. For a month. One continuous headache that never ceased unless, and I think it was this that might have given it away, it was the weekend.

Not to be outdone, I started becoming sick every single saturday for about six weeks in a row. This one I didn't make up, every saturday around 5, I would get pains in my stomach, by evening I was vomiting, but by sunday night I'd (frustratingly) feel better. Every week for five or six weeks. Eventually, my mum kept me off one monday even though I felt OK. It never happened again.

I convinced myself I had rabies. One of the symptoms (as told in the daily record, that highest of medical journals) was said to be "restlessness". Which, unfortunately, is also a symptom of a maths test. Half a day in the sick room sobbing into the pillow. When the logical part of my brain would ask how I had contracted it, the answer was glaringly obvious. Spiders.

Fainting. Especially when receiving jabs. Blood test? *faints* BCG? *faints* Biology film of an operation? *clunk* goes my head on the floor.

I toughened up when I hit third year and discovered girls.
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 19:41, 4 replies)
Thats great! Rabies, indeed!!!
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 19:43, closed)
There was some nutter
in the papers threatening to release rabid dogs unless he got a million pounds or something, I remember wondering why no-one else was as utterly terrified as I was lol!
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 20:02, closed)
Spider rabies!
I'm laughing so much t hurts.
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 20:12, closed)
(, Tue 3 Feb 2009, 20:54, closed)

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