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MostlySunny wibbles, "When I was 11 I got an A for my study of shark nets - mostly because I handed it in cut out in the shape of a shark."

Do people do projects that don't involve google-cut-paste any more? What fine tat have you glued together for teacher?

(, Thu 13 Aug 2009, 13:36)
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The first of many to come Im sure
A-level Physics this time, and part of our coursework was to give a 5-10 minute presentation on ANY topic of our choice, relating to physics obviously, and we were paired up for this incredible task, I choose my best friend, and worst lay-about homework dodger, Josh. We didnt really discuss it other than, 'this should be fun' before really getting back to doing fuck all.

So 2 weeks pass and the deadline is in the afternoon, 1pm, and we still havn't researched, written, posterised or even powerpointed a single fact. Or even chosen a topic for that matter! So in an incredible rush we spend 1 hour looking at topics surrounding faster than light travel. Futuristic, check. Physics related, check. Possibly so complicated that the teacher wouldn't have read anything about it... check.

So we walk in, with no material in hand, and continue to give a great presentation with amazing board drawing supplied by myself and an explination about how if you generated dark matter, space time would curve and psuh you through space, much like when you swallow food down your throat. Needless to say it was a shambles and I think I stuttered most of it.

So our suprise comes when the teacher, who really I think had the hots for both me and Josh, gives us the best mark in the class. Needless to say the shock actually made us concentrate for the rest of the course, although it didnt really help much...

Length? Well if space and time is infinitly expanding as time passes, I think I'll measure it later
(, Thu 13 Aug 2009, 18:14, Reply)

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