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This is a question Screwed over by The Man

We once made a flash animation for a record company. They told us it was brilliant and 30 staff gave us a round of applause. They asked us to stick it out without their name on it. Then their legal department sent us a cease and desist for infringing their copyright. How have you been screwed over?

(, Fri 3 Aug 2012, 13:46)
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Used to do extermination work
and was asked to clear out this massive old house of lizards. I do this and turn up for payment, then this odd looking fuck loitering there says "I'm sorry, but your Princess is in another castle." Conning cunt.
(, Fri 3 Aug 2012, 15:55, closed)
I bet the lizards sent her to Paris.

(, Fri 3 Aug 2012, 16:15, closed)
...and then I dropped some mushrooms and it was all like,
WHOA, I'm some kinda frikkin GIANT now, and the clouds had eyes and the tortoises had wings and I touched a flower and then I set everything on fire....
(, Sat 4 Aug 2012, 18:31, closed)
You were lucky.
I used to do extermination work, and the whole firm got taken over by the Russians and Americans. I never got paid, and also I was convicted of war crimes.
(, Mon 6 Aug 2012, 11:02, closed)

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