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This is a question Secret Santa

Ah, the joy of giving anonymously. Squeal as your boss is given a porn mag for christmas. Out your colleagues with a carefully chosen Gaydar Radio compilation album, but best of all, keep quiet about picking your own name out of the hat and buy yourself something really, really expensive.

What have you given to people you hate?

(, Fri 15 Dec 2006, 10:03)
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More foam than you could possibly imagine
About three years ago we had the old office secret santa Ė something I had never done before. Budget was set at £7 and off we went looking for those gifts. This turned out to be a lot harder than I had initially expected. I had drawn Corrina, the office hotty. After much racking of brains I suddenly found myself in a foam shop. Yes, thatís right, FOAM. Right there on the shelves by the door were all these off cuts of foam and one piece stood out instantly Ė firstly because it measured about 24in. by 24in. by 6in. and secondly because the price tag was £7. Egged on by my mate I ended up buying this foam.
The weekend before we were due to hand the gifts out I suddenly realised that it was a really fucking shitty present to give someone so I quickly ran off to Poundland and picked up the following:

*Blank video
*Giant pencils
*Assorted cable ties
*Protective goggles
*One can of WD40

Okay, I know thatís only five but I canít remember what the last two items were.

When it came time to open the gifts I couldnít actually watch Corrina unwrap it. I hid but I did hear her screech when she got the paper off. The perfect crime I thought, but no Ė it turned out that everyone had been discussing who drew who so it was instantly known that I was the guilty party! Bastards!! And to make matters worse they all assumed it was supposed to be a home bondage kit!

As for the foam I actually did end up giving someone a huge bag of foam once for his birthday but this time it was lots of assorted bits in a bin bag (you can pick these up from Surrey Foam in Caterham). His face was a picture when he realised that there wasnít actually a Ďrealí gift in the middle!!

*EDIT* Just thought I'd add that my secret santa that year was a Bob the Builder bathtime fun set. I was so pleased.
(, Tue 19 Dec 2006, 11:57, closed)

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