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This is a question Sexism

Freddie Woo tells us: Despite being a well rounded modern man I think women are best off getting married and having a few kids else they'll be absolutely miserable come middle age.

What views do you have that are probably sexist that you believe are true?

(, Sun 27 Dec 2009, 12:23)
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it's from the Greek - poinē - meaning punishment, whereas penis is from the Latin pēnis, originally meaning a tail. According to my copy of Chambers, anyway.

Generally if you think the English language is sexist you don't know enough about its etymology, and are in danger of thinking that the word "history" should be spelled "herstory" when talking about a woman.

From the Greek histōr, meaning knowing.
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 15:52, 1 reply)
Pah, you can prove anything with facts...
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 15:59, closed)
Sorry, just re-read the above and it sounds a bit condescending - you just managed to hit one of my pedant buttons :)
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 16:01, closed)
S'all good :-)
My tongue was very firmly in my cheek. Almost responded with a mini-rant about all the feminists wanting to miss-correct (if that's a word) occurances of "man" with "woman", but haven't really got the brainpower left this late on the worst-of-all-Mondays...
(, Mon 4 Jan 2010, 16:37, closed)

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