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This is a question Sex Toys

Lanternchikk asks "How about a vibrant and stimulating discussion on sex toys?" What do you use to get off, and has it ever gone wrong? And yes, we've heard that urban myth, thank you.

(, Thu 17 May 2012, 12:33)
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Do not, having strategically placed a sex sheep in the chair of a welsh colleague, under any circumstances attempt to measure the orifice of said sex sheep with a ruler.

They are longer than 30cm so our ruler was in danger of being swallowed.

Also, when you try to retrive your ruler you give the thing a prolapse and no-one will volunteer to tuck away the clock springs as it were.

(, Thu 17 May 2012, 14:26, closed)
It's sad
when all you have to rely on is your imagination.
(, Thu 17 May 2012, 15:56, closed)

Why are you fantacising about prolapsed sex sheep? ewe etc etc
(, Thu 17 May 2012, 17:01, closed)

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