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This is a question Shit Stories

I once ate four Kendal Mint Cakes and did a white shit. My old school friend Roger had to outdo me. He claimed to have done a "blue bubbling turd" after eating six packets of blackcurrant Chewits. We want to hear your stories of poo, from crapping yourself at your sisters wedding to shitting the bed during sex. Go on - be filthy.

(, Wed 5 May 2004, 22:24)
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I thought of another.
A friend of mine was once driving on a turnpike toward Philadelphia, PA when he suddenly had the explosive urge to make shit. Forced between shatting himself or taking an exit to New Jersey, he chose the latter. (If you are familiar with the States know that New Jersey is NOT a desireable place to go, especially around philadelphia area.)

Arriving at a rough ghetto of town, his arse making stronger argument than ever, he pulled into a bar. A group of drunkards eyed him like zombies watching fresh meat, and he had to buy a drink for one in order to use the bathroom.

After exploding on the toilet, he realized there was no toilet paper. However, there was a shower curtain for the stall which he proceeded to tear off and whipe his arse with, leaving it there.

Moral of the story, fuck New Jersey.
(, Wed 5 May 2004, 22:50, Reply)

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