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This is a question Shit Stories

I once ate four Kendal Mint Cakes and did a white shit. My old school friend Roger had to outdo me. He claimed to have done a "blue bubbling turd" after eating six packets of blackcurrant Chewits. We want to hear your stories of poo, from crapping yourself at your sisters wedding to shitting the bed during sex. Go on - be filthy.

(, Wed 5 May 2004, 22:24)
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At college, many moooooons ago...
somebody had laid an extremely large turd in the sink in the gents toilet - it really was quite impressive.

2 days later it was still there, except someone had cut out a circle of paper, drawn a smiley face on it and stuck it on one end of the turd. Then they had made a little cocktail stick flag with its name on : "Dougal"
(, Thu 6 May 2004, 15:01, Reply)

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