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This is a question Shit Stories: Part Number Two

As a regular service to our readers, we've been re-opening old questions.

Once again, we want to hear your stories of shit, poo and number twos. Go on - be filthier than last time.

(, Thu 27 Mar 2008, 14:57)
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Poo Prose
Here, let me regale you
With a tale now not long past
Of a dump I took that cracked the bowl
And nearly tore my arse

My stomach felt all backed up
And my bowels were feeling mean
Till I dropped the biggest borry
That the world had ever seen

The splash it made on impact
Would have drowned a thousand mice
It left my buttocks sodden and
it felt as cold as ice

The stench that followed after
Left me struggling to breathe
A mushroom cloud of deadly stink
That made my balls recede

Then with a snap, the porcelain
that made this stinking seat
Split right in two, a mighty splash
Foul water soaked my feet!

The moral of this story folks?
`Be careful on the can'
Stay away from spicy foods
And eat a lot more bran


I wrote this many years ago, it's probably out there online somewhere still.
(, Sat 29 Mar 2008, 5:54, Reply)

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