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This is a question Shoplifting

When I was young and impressionable and on holiday in France, I followed some friends into a sweet shop and we each stole something. I was so mortified by this, I returned them.

My lack of French hampered this somewhat - they had no idea why the small English boy wanted to add some chews to the open box, and saw it as an attempt by a nasty foreigner oik to contaminate their stock. Not my best day.

What have you lifted?

(, Thu 10 Jan 2008, 11:13)
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Stolen Phone calls...
..when I was at uni, I lived in a shared house in the middle of nowhere. It was an old farmhouse, cold, with it's own pump and borehole for water. Go to uni and live in the big city? Nope, about 10 of us crammed into this huge old farmhouse 15miles away from town. Cool place, but that's my opinion now - when i was 18 I wanted some excitment beyond cows wandering into the yard.

So, we had a payphone in this place, and it wasn't too long before a couple of us realised we could get free credit on this phone by sticking a knife down the coin slot - the phone was crude enough that it registered that as credit, usually 50p.

Ideal, so we could relieve some boredom by phoning home and our mates now and again.

Of course, boredom eventually kicked in and we started to experiment.

'Does australia have a speaking clock?'
Hey, lets find out.

Lets ring random New Zealand mobile phone numbers until we get someone! Followed by a 40min phone call to some random kiwi in a pub who thought it hilarious that he'd been called out of the blue by some bored students on the other side of the world. We got to know him quite well...

Of course, eventually the phone bill came in and wondered why the coin box was 300quid short...and evicted the pikey guy, the only non-student in the house, the guy who'd shoot rabbits from inside the house through the window, and the guy our landlord thought most likely responsible.

Oops. Paul in NewZealand - if you're reading this - that's why the phone calls stopped...
(, Sun 13 Jan 2008, 14:01, closed)

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