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This is a question Siblings

Brothers and sisters - can't live with 'em, can't stove 'em to death with the coal scuttle and bury 'em behind the local industrial estate. Tell us about yours.

Thanks to suboftheday for the suggestion -we're keeping the question open for another week for the New Year

(, Thu 25 Dec 2008, 17:20)
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My brother's scars.
Those that run from his fingers down past his wrist, to be more specific, are a result from a time my sister thought it would be a grand idea to lock him outside the house and stationed me at the back door to make sure he couldn't come in. The poor kid was only 5.....he punched through the glass door in his frustration to get inside the house and got his first stitches.

You see, my sister was a bully whom no one dared to cross for fear of further punishment. Which is exactly why I was thrilled when their mother moved them to another state shortly after my mother married their father. They visited for a few brief summers then I was free.

As a result, there has been a total of less than a years worth of time when I wasn't raised as an only child. As much as I would have liked to grow up with good siblings and have a close relationship to them still, I'd rather be an only child then to have had to grow up with her around. My brother on the other hand seems to get along with everyone....but I don't know if that is down to his personality or something he learned as a defense from growing up in the same house as her. He seems nice enough, but I don't really know him.

And so, having been a family for more than 25 years, I have absolutely nothing in common with them. My sister and I have a tenuous superficial email-only relationship, while I haven't spoken to my brother in several years.

This is why I am amazed on a daily basis that my 2 girls are the best of friends. I am often in awe when I see or hear of siblings who actually like each other. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a close bond like that.
(, Tue 6 Jan 2009, 22:59, 4 replies)
My sister
Punched her hand through the glass under very similar circumstances. I was on guard and my brother was running the shift. Oh happy days having to go round to the neighbours with a broken sister and blood dripping all over their driveway.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 12:01, closed)
I'm pretty sure my mother was around at the time to take him to the hospital
but I was only 7 so you can't trust that memory.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 14:29, closed)
Understand how you feel
I've got an older brother who I haven't seen for eighteen years... He wasn't a very nice person to say the least and proved it on many occasions. I have a sister too, who is ok, but apart from the odd telephone conversation we dont really keep in touch as well as we should. If I ever have kids I'd love them to get along.
(, Wed 7 Jan 2009, 14:34, closed)
Don't be amazed that your kids get along.
It means you're a good parent who learned from the mistakes of others and didn't pass those mistakes on to your children. You can only be commended for that :)
(, Thu 8 Jan 2009, 10:35, closed)

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