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This is a question Things you've done when you've had no money.

Apart from the usual survival rations of beans, white bread and Doll Noodles™, we've all done things to compensate for having no money. Personally I spent 6 months barefoot to save on the cost of shoes. What pathetic things have you done when the cash ran out?

(, Fri 8 Oct 2004, 9:34)
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The Peir
there is a nightclub in wigan called the peir
and on a wednesday night, it was student night, they used to give out free half pint vouchers (1 per person) - unfortunatly!!!, i knew one of the bar staff, and he'd let me constantly give in reems and reems of these, so i could get mashed for free

i'd take one home and scan it, then print a sheet on card. Students - resourceful as ever!

also on one occasion, a few of my less poor mates, kept getting their pints stolen, but "minesweepers" (people who drink the dregs of what's availalbe - left or unattended)
one mate decided we'll get revenge, by filling a pint glas with piss and ice cubes - then topping it up with a bit of lager - we all sat waiting to see who drank it
- and boy did we laugh when it got drank

(names withheld to protect aforementioned people aside from peter mason that theiving skanky wanker)
(, Fri 8 Oct 2004, 18:27, Reply)

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