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This is a question Things you've done when you've had no money.

Apart from the usual survival rations of beans, white bread and Doll Noodles™, we've all done things to compensate for having no money. Personally I spent 6 months barefoot to save on the cost of shoes. What pathetic things have you done when the cash ran out?

(, Fri 8 Oct 2004, 9:34)
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I'd spent all my money on the stuff 16 year olds spend all their money on, and ended up without any way of getting home
now, this was serious, as I live out in the sticks, and I was up by the Snowdome in Milton Keynes (huge can of baked beans in the ground) having fun....the way 16 yeart olds do.
Anyway to cut a long story short, me and my friends slept rough by some 5 foot heaters and pretended to be tramps. Hell we pulled it off too well though. To shed some light, I never used to take off my Fear Factory hoodie come rain or shine, rip or tear, you get the point.

Anyway, woke up and some random guy brought us over a bucket of KFC at 3 in the morning! Fabtastic! We shared it with some tramps and they shared...what tramps like to share (no, not soddomy). So I lay there, mashed, full with chicken, and hugging a very fit girl! Having no money can be good some times!
(, Tue 12 Oct 2004, 17:05, Reply)

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