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This is a question Slang Survey

What new bit of language are you hearing at the moment? We want to hear words and phrases, with definitions and where it's being used. We're interested in marketing speak, stuff from kids in playgrounds etc.

(, Sun 1 Feb 2004, 14:00)
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Let me see...
I belong to a select group of nerds that play a magical card game, complete with it's own slang. I shall demonstrate.

Janky - bad, irritating, and sometimes something that shouldn't work but does. (see Janky Tech)

Janky Tech - something that shouldn't work, but does

Mise - From "might as well" the act of pulling something off with very little chance of doing so. "Wow, I totaly mised winning that match" etc.

Random - normally a new/bad player. also a good nerd insult. "did you see that guy? what a random" I hate that one.

I should probably develop some sort of life away from this card game (Magic: The Gathering if you didn't know) but there you have it. there's more slang too, but I can't be arsed writing it.

(, Wed 4 Feb 2004, 8:36, Reply)

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