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This is a question Real-life slapstick

Fact: When someone walks into a lamp-post it makes a very satisfying and hugely hilarious "Ding!" noise. However, it is not quite so funny when the post is in the middle of town and you are the victim. Tell us about hilarious prat-falls.

Thanks to Bob Todd for the suggestion

(, Thu 21 Jan 2010, 12:07)
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I decided to play some pitch and putt with some friends
It was quite far away so I decided to ride my bicycle. I decided it would be a good idea to put my golf clubs in a plastic bag and carry it on the handle bars. It was a marvellous sunny day and I was enjoying gawking at the you g ladies in the summer clothes when the plastic bag split, the handle of a 5 iron fell through the spokes of the front wheel. Club met axle and the front of the bike stopped. The back wheels decided to keep going and soon afterwards I took trip through the air and my face got acquainted with the Tarmac. Luckily I avoided vegetablehood and managed to break my fall. Being a bit of a twat I decided to walk the rest of the way there and try and wander round a few holes as the alternative seemed to be calling her indoors and admitting my folly. I did make it round the course despite the blood and not being able to move my arms or fingers. I eventually hobbled onto a bus unable to sit down or hold onto the rails. So I had to try to stand and carefully balance all the way there. Two broken wrists and elbows makes wiping ones arse a pain and much to her chargrin these duties were delegated to the missus. She performed them with stoicism and bravery. Cheers love
(, Thu 21 Jan 2010, 14:01, 1 reply)
yeah but
what about the bike ?
(, Thu 21 Jan 2010, 20:41, closed)

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