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This is a question Social Media Meltdowns

Ever said something you've regretted on the internet? Seen somebody make an arse of themselves? Know somebody who posts first and asks questions later? Dob them in to us, the internet police. (We last did this five years ago before Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook really took off, so now's the time for an update)

Thanks to Benny Blanco from the Bronx for the suggestion

(, Thu 20 Jun 2013, 15:00)
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Guy I used to work with
Some guy I used to work with posted a lot of fairly annoying, offencive comments on Facebook. Now I'm fine with people being able to speak freely, free speech after all if how good ideas spread and bad ones die out.
The problem was his posts were poorly reasoned. He had a rant about how people who who donated to comic relife were stupid as if "little Tuktuk" couldn't be taught not to shit in the water source then no money would fix that. This came from a video about to dirty water thousands of peoole drink. I pointed out not only humans shit and better education in hygene as well as water treatment would all save lives. He wouldn't hear it.
Later, he was at a speed awareness course after he got caught speeding. He wasn't happy about this and posted "I'm not sexist but of the 20 people in this room only 5 are men, shows you who the better drivers are." I decided this would be a good time to wind him up I considered pointing out statistical unreliability of such a small group but instead I went with. "So what you're saying is you drive like a girl?".
He took the bait, "How many girls do you know? And your mum dosen't count!" He raged as my coment quickly gathered likes. His female friends quickly started joining in, calling him a woman driver and even the odd "haha, well said mong!". This clearly annoyed him more. "I'm a good driver!" He protested "Then why were you at that course?" Asked one of his friends. "I was speeding, I'm still a good driver!" "But you said that women were bad drivers as there were more of them at the course!"
This continued for a while, I stopped reading it soon after but it was great seeing him so easily wound up.
(, Sun 23 Jun 2013, 14:25, 1 reply)

(, Mon 24 Jun 2013, 15:35, closed)

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