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This is a question Sorry

With Tesco taking out full page adverts to say sorry for selling us ponyburgers, now is the time for us all to say Sorry.
Write a letter of apology to someone who deserves it.

props to Monty_Boyce

(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 14:50)
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I am struggling to find any relevance at all to your story about what colour skin she has
but you seem to feel the need to mention it twice.

I put it to you that you have race issues.

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:03, 1 reply)
Don't be absurd, this was cleared up last week.
Some of his best friends are pork dodgers and the very dark skinned.
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:42, closed)
Of course! How could I have forgotten!

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 13:51, closed)
Isn't that the one where we established its actually women that he hates?

(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 14:22, closed)
Nah, I think it's definitely non-whites.
Completely pointless quip about enraging black people:

Christ, the man's obsessed:
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 14:51, closed)

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