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This is a question Spoilt Brats

Mr Newton sighs, "ever known anyone so spoilt you would love to strangle? I lived with a Paris Hilton-a-like who complained about everything, stomped her feet and whinged till she got her way. There was a happy ending though: she had to drop out of uni due to becoming pregnant after a one night stand..."

Who's the spoiltest person you've met? Has karma come to bite them yet? Or did you in fact end up strangling them? Uncle B3ta (and the serious crimes squad) wants to know.

(, Thu 9 Oct 2008, 14:11)
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Noses Run In My Family.
I was in the beer garden of my local pub necking a few beers with my mates. A table or so away from us was a little girl, about 9, who was happily colouring in some book. She was quiet, well behaved and didn't look the least bit spoilt.Then she looked up and yelled:

"Mum! Nose is running...."

and her dear mum legged it across the garden to wipe her dear daughters nose.

I started to giggle as, inside my head, I could see them at home. Voice comes from the bog...

"Mum! Arse needs wiping......."

(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 1:15, 1 reply)
My mother and I used to tease my cousin Amanda because when she was younger she would yell out from the bathroom, in her cute little Arkansas accent, "Mom come wipe my butt!"
Now there will occasionally ring out a young voice from my daughters' bathroom from my own little Amanda a very similar but definately more Texan, "Mom, come wipe my butt!".

After the most recent of these little exclamations, I told her older sister that if I ever talked about wanting more kids, please remind me of this oh-so-lovely phrase.
(, Tue 14 Oct 2008, 6:02, closed)

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