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This is a question School Sports Day

At some point in the distant past, someone at my school had built a large concrete tank behind the sheds and called it a swimming pool. Proud of this, they had a "Swimming Sports Day" in which everyone had to participate, even those who couldn't swim (they got to walk across the shallow end of the tank).

This would probably have been OK if the pool hadn't turned a deep opaque green the night before due to lack of maintainance. Even the school sports stars didn't want to go near the gloopy mess in the pool. We were practically pushed in. I'm sure some of the younger kids never surfaced again and the non-swimmers looked petrified.

Tell us your sports day horrors.

(, Thu 30 Mar 2006, 11:13)
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Not a school sports day. but a lunchtime rugby game between anyone who wanted to play. Not sure what I was doing playing as I hated sports at school.

As i was small, slightly fast and a complete wimp I was dumped on the wing, where I never had to do anything. So I could pretend I was involved without actually being so.

Anyway the team I'm on were winning by the proverbial mile. So the teacher decides to make things interesting, by making me the only person who can score a try for my team.

It ends up with half of my team being in the opppositions in-goal area passing the ball around trying to get it to me so i get a try. Managed to even fail at that, after about 5 minutes of this I think even the teacher gave up with the idea.

Couldnt score than, cant score now, so whats length got to do with it.
(, Thu 30 Mar 2006, 15:39, Reply)

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