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This is a question Amazing displays of ignorance

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "My dad's friend told us there's no such thing as gravity - it's just the weight of air holding us down". Tell us of times you've been floored by abject stupidity. "Whenever I read the Daily Express" is not a valid answer.

(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 16:48)
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One day in burger king
I was waiting for my whopper meal to arrive when a couple walked in who were, shall we say, not the brightest of specimens to grace this planet.The girl decided to be the ambassador of the couple. The conversation went as follows.
Girl." what do you want gary"
Garry. " burger or summatt"
Girl. " Do you do burgers?"
Assistant. " Yes" points at vast range available on signs behind counter
Mumbled conversation ensues between couple for next two minutes
Girl. " do you do fries?"
Assistant. "YES"
Another mumbled conversation follows. A good four minutes have now passed since they entered
Girl. " How long will it take for burger and fries?"
Assistant. " three minutes at the most"
Girl " Forget it, we aint got that long"
What a waste of organs!
(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 17:55, 4 replies)
Dumb shit.
Even if you can't read, don't fast food places have big brightly lit photos of the food on their menus?
(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 18:50, closed)
You had to be there to believe it was happening
They were as thick as pig shit in a green bottle
(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 18:57, closed)
Green bottles
Magical enthickeners
(, Thu 18 Mar 2010, 19:23, closed)
Ah yes, but...
...the photos of the delicious-looking meals never look like the sorry, greasy limp things you actually get served.

And, for some reason, they won't let you buy waterfalls (especially the animated, backlit ones that are apparently on sale in lots of Chinese and Indian takeaways).
(, Mon 22 Mar 2010, 13:19, closed)

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