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This is a question Stupid Tourists

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard a tourist say? Ever heard an American talking about visiting "Scotchland, England", or (and this one is actually real) a Japanese couple talking about the correct way to say Clapham is actually Clatham, as "ph" sounds are pronounced "th". Which has a certain logic really. UPDATE: Please, no more Loogabarooga stories. It's getting like, "and I opened my eyes and my mum had left me a cup of tea!"

(, Thu 7 Jul 2005, 16:31)
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Standing in the queue at Burger King in Magaluf after a refreshing evening, a pretty but non-too-bright lass from Blighty asked us what 'excuse me' was in Spanish. Straight-faced, we told her that it was 'Bastardo', figuring she would get the joke.

She only edged her way to the front of the queue politely asking "Bastardo! Bastardo! Can I have some more sauce please?". The look of utter disgust on the Burgersmith behind the counter still makes me laugh to this day!
(, Thu 7 Jul 2005, 18:45, closed)

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