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This is a question Stupid Tourists

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard a tourist say? Ever heard an American talking about visiting "Scotchland, England", or (and this one is actually real) a Japanese couple talking about the correct way to say Clapham is actually Clatham, as "ph" sounds are pronounced "th". Which has a certain logic really. UPDATE: Please, no more Loogabarooga stories. It's getting like, "and I opened my eyes and my mum had left me a cup of tea!"

(, Thu 7 Jul 2005, 16:31)
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Most of Soho in London is quite dull
It's just offices and shops. When I worked there I was quite often approached by Tourists asking how to get to 'Soho'. Once I explained that Soho is quite big, and they are already in it, I took grat pleasure in inquiring very innocently what they were specifically looking for in Soho, so I could direct them there. This was their cue to consult their phrasebook in a rather embarassing search for a polite way of saying 'porn shop', 'prossie' or 'gay bar'.

The prize for stupid things a tourist has said to me goes to the man who blushed and said 'oh, I just want to see some historic buildings', which sounds perfectly reasonable, unless you know that Soho has practically no historical buildings, and you imagine it being said by someone dressed exactly like the leather outfit wearing one from the village people (right down to the handlebar moustache), and in exactly the same voice as Jack from Will and Grace.
(, Fri 8 Jul 2005, 11:47, Reply)

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