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This is a question Stupid Tourists

What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard a tourist say? Ever heard an American talking about visiting "Scotchland, England", or (and this one is actually real) a Japanese couple talking about the correct way to say Clapham is actually Clatham, as "ph" sounds are pronounced "th". Which has a certain logic really. UPDATE: Please, no more Loogabarooga stories. It's getting like, "and I opened my eyes and my mum had left me a cup of tea!"

(, Thu 7 Jul 2005, 16:31)
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I too used to frequent the 10 Bells... Though I never noticed the decor. In my time there, circa 1999, it was famed for it's cheap mid-afternoon nudy shows, including local girls and their well groomed axe-wounds (so perhaps a slight ripper theme)... Never did stay long enough to see the tourists.

Am I jaded? - I do very much like the colour green...
(, Wed 13 Jul 2005, 22:23, Reply)

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