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This is a question Surprise!

Herb Alpert's Taxi Driver asks: Ever given granny a heart attack on her 90th birthday or knocked down the wall between the living room and kitchen by mistake before the wife gets home? Tell us tales of surprises and their fluffy and/or messy endings.

(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 12:10)
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Dawn of the Dead
I hate horror films but my mate really wanted to see Dawn of the Dead when it came out (he's disabled and I go as his carer - not that he really needs one!).

Sat down on the back row with my litre of Pepsi and a bag of Revels ready to endure my least favourite film genre.

First scary bit? Fucking Revels went everywhere. Showered about 10 people sat in front of us.

Never. Lived. It. Down.
(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 16:42, 3 replies)
Oh Mrs V loves going to the flicks with me because, as she says, I'm "such good value".
Went to see the Daniel Radcliffe version of Woman In Black (surprisingly not utter shit), and it was cheap whiskey n' coke all over the shop.

Christ - even the previews I'm rubbish at - the apocalypse/armageddon films with a rock flying into camera will sort me right out.
(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 16:48, closed)
When I went to see the remake of Dawn of the Dead
I sat like a total spanner, wailing about how the subtext of the original had been completely overlooked, and if the zombies had enough motor control to run how come they couldn't climb or open doors, and oh it's just modernised rubbish and moan whinge moan.

I saw it again recently and quite enjoyed it, especially the guess-who style zombie hunt. Still don't like running zombies, though.
(, Fri 5 Apr 2013, 15:07, closed)
i went to see it when i was really fat
and made the mistake of getting up to go to the loo right when that woman(who was actually a man) in the wheelbarrow turned zombie and jumped up at the young lad.
woman behind me almost shat herself :D
(, Sat 6 Apr 2013, 15:28, closed)

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