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This is a question Tantrums

Pooster says: "When we were younger my little brother had a tantrum which ended when he threw a fork and it stuck in my other brother's cheek for a bit." Tell us your tales of screaming kids, and adults acting like children.

(, Thu 19 Jul 2012, 12:48)
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A scary scary tantrum
It’s not particularly amusing (and it’s not a rhyme – what’s going on?) but I survived a tantrum from an elderly woman with dementia. In her house. With the doors locked. And she liked knives.
I should’ve posted this in the ‘burning in hell question’ last week but it never occurred to me. Basically while working as a carer for old people I had to see one woman who lived on her own despite having alzheimers. Now my gran has it as do many people in my family, and us young uns have got plans ready (well, one plan and it involves one way tickets to Switzerland). But it’s a horrible disease I wouldn’t wish on anyone and I have so much sympathy for the sufferers. That said... (here’s why I’m going to be seen as a super bitch)... I hated going to visit this woman soooo much! It was always the worst part of the day.
Thanks to cuts the carers all had to work alone which, aside from being super lonely, is a little bit scary when the dementia woman locks you in her house at 8am, shouting at you for trying to break her door and stealing her keys. And she takes knives out the drawer (real ones, not butter knives).
I need a better paying job – I did slightly feel that particular session really deserved more than £3.20 wages. And when I rang the office to let them know there’d been an ‘incident’, the office bitch laughed and just said, yeah she does that.
(, Tue 24 Jul 2012, 20:04, 2 replies)
Couldn't you just have removed all the knives,
then suffered being menaced by a woman with a spatula?
(, Tue 24 Jul 2012, 21:11, closed)

(, Tue 24 Jul 2012, 21:16, closed)

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