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This is a question The Boss

My chief at a large retail chain used to decide on head office redundancies by chanting "One potato, two potato" over the staff list. Tell us about your mad psycho bosses - collect your P45 on the way out.

Bruce Springsteen jokes = Ban, ridicule

(, Thu 18 Jun 2009, 13:06)
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Well not that bad really
Honestly the boss I really hated, as he made me hate myself, I have no really good stories about, just a lot of time spent being yelled at.

However there was this one woman in a previous job, very nice although she never really had that much actual work to give me, who was one of the most hideous people I'd ever met. She had orange fake tan skin, fingernails that were waaaay too long for a human being, and most of all, a nose that was split in the middle ever so slightly exactly like a double chin. However, this was no slight split, this was creepy, the split was deep enough to cause a shadow giving the impression of a third nostril in certain light. I never could stop staring at that arse of a nose, and wondering in horrible curiosity if her sneezes sounded like farts. I still will occasionally feel the little cleft in my own nose and shiver in horror at the memory of ass-schnoz.
(, Thu 25 Jun 2009, 7:28, Reply)

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