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This is a question The most cash I've ever carried

There's nothing like carrying large amounts of cash to make yourself feel simultaneously like a lottery winner and an obvious target.

A friend went to buy a car for ten grand, panicked and stuffed it down his pants for safety. It was all a bit smelly by the time he got there and he had to search around for some of it...

Tell us the story behind the most cash you've ever carried.

(, Thu 22 Jun 2006, 10:39)
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Eighty seven pounds and forty two pence
I had not long turned six and was counting up my birthday money. That year my relatives had decided not to waste their money on silly items that I would never use, and had all given me some money, which all amounted to the nice sum of £87.42.

With all this money, I decided that what I really wanted was a nice stereo. So, my mum takes me down to Commet and we have a look around.

Then I see it. The stereo that I wanted. Needed. It was tall, black and shiny. The edges were sleek and it had big shining buttons on the front. We get it and go to the counter to pay. I take my £87.42, which I had been clinging tightly to, out of my dungarees pocket but unfortunately, being only six, I was too small to reach the counter top. So my mum says she will pay. The transaction is completed nicely and I take home my brand new shiny stereo and still have £2.43 left over.

However, a week later as I'm struggling to take my sparkling stereo upstairs to my bedroom, from the living room where it had for some reason been placed when we got home, my mum stops me,
"What are you doing with that stereo?"
"I'm taking it to my bedroom."
"Because it's mine and I want to listen to it in my bedroom."
"Is it yours?"
"Yes I paid for it with my birthday money."
"It cost a lot of money, I don't think you did pay for it. I gave the man all that money, didn't I."

It stayed in the living room and I was most upset. My mum still claims that she paid for it, but I'll never forget what really happened,and when the time comes, I'm going to pick out the most hideous nursing home . . .
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 10:00, Reply)

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