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This is a question The Naughty Step

When was the last time you were told off? Tell us about memorable punishments you've experienced, or damn good ones you've dished out

(, Thu 7 Feb 2013, 12:14)
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Not me but my brother
When he was about 2, my brother looked like an angel. An angel wifh a mop of white blonde hair and mischievous green eyes. Unfortunately this was misleading. He was actually the goddamned devil.

One day my mum had taken him shopping at sainsbury's and he had totally misbehaved, throwing things out of the trolley and other such naughtiness. Reasoning, naughty steps, shouting - nothing worked with that child. So eventually my mother pulled out the big guns, the only thing that ever worked.

"I'm not going to smack your bottom now," she said. "But when we get home I will. And you can think about it all the way home."

Instant angelic behaviour from the little shit. So my mother promptly forgot all about it, as you do when you have a million other things to do. Until the car pulled up in the driveway and a defiant little voice piped up:

"I haven't been thinking about that smack."

Foolish child.
(, Tue 12 Feb 2013, 23:01, 2 replies)
then she thrashed the little blighter? Or did she get waylaid by the cuteness?
(, Wed 13 Feb 2013, 4:22, closed)
he wasn't ginger.
(, Wed 13 Feb 2013, 9:58, closed)

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