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This is a question Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

Smash Wogan writes, "we all love our Mums, but we all know that Mums can be cunts, throwing out our carefully hoarded crap that we know is going to be worth millions some day."

What priceless junk have you lost because someone just threw it out?

Zero points for "all my porn". Unless it was particularly good porn...

(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:32)
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Not me...
... but a friend.

A few of us are organising a trip to next year's Grand National, as is tradition in our group. I mentioned it to one of the lads in work, and he seemed keen. Assuming he knew next to nothing about the gee-gees, I explained to him that he'd have to budget some cash to lose; that he should expect to end up down for the weekend, because the only real winner is the bookie.

Born in Nepal, he's only been over here for a few years. Keen to embrace the culture of his new home, he takes part in things that are typically British. I was surprised to hear though, that he likes a bet on the National every year.

I was even more surprised to hear that he'd put 3 each-way bets on last year's race, and that all 3 had come in 1-2-3. Feeling smug with himself, he puts his betting slips on the kitchen table and nips off for a shower before going out to collect his winnings (about £120, so I'm told).

His aunt sees the scraps of crumpled paper on the table and assumes they're rubbish - doesn't just throw them out, but tears 'em up for good measure. My mate's philosophy? "At least it wasn't an accumulator..." Poor bastard. I'd have been gutted.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 23:32, Reply)

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