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This is a question Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

Smash Wogan writes, "we all love our Mums, but we all know that Mums can be cunts, throwing out our carefully hoarded crap that we know is going to be worth millions some day."

What priceless junk have you lost because someone just threw it out?

Zero points for "all my porn". Unless it was particularly good porn...

(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:32)
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This question is now closed.

I'll answer on behalf of my daughter...

My mum threw out my Daddy which was particularly mean as he was the only useful one in the house.

He now lives with grandma and pays all our bills.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 17:00, 10 replies)
Freddy Bear
When I was born, I was given a brown cuddly bear, about 10 inches in height. little white nose, white paws, white inner ears.

I called him Freddy.

When my brother was born three years later, he was given the same kind of bear, but in pale blue.

He called him Answinka. (I have no idea why).

I had Freddy for years. He got put away in a box when I was about 12 and thought I was too grown up for him.

My brother said Answinka was lonely, so I got Freddy out of the box and let my brother look after him.

Eventually, as we got older, Freddy and Answinka moved around a bit. First in a box in the loft, then my Mum decided they would look good on the two rocking chairs in the back room.

Then the rocking chairs went and Freddy and Answinka sat on a bookcase.

Then, eventually, they want back into boxes in the loft. Never to be seen again, but never quite forgotten either.

Two years ago, my brother had a baby girl. A few weeks ago, I went round to see him and she was there, playing with Answinka. But no sign of Freddy.

I asked my brother if he knew where Freddy was, but he didn't.

Later, while visiting my parents, I asked my Mum.

She said 'Oh, well, you haven't got children so I didn't think you'd want it, I threw it out'.

I don't know what upsets me more, the fact that she threw him away or the fact that at 34 she has apparently already written off my chances of ever being a Dad.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:59, 2 replies)
There were these two CDs...
I'd burnt a few tunes to them, and stuck them in the internal mail to a mate in another office. Had to cover my tracks of course, so I told my boss they were the benefits details for 25 million people.

Next thing you know, he's hassling me to make sure they've arrived, then the police and an army of consultants arrive to find out what went wrong.

After all that, my mate went and used the CDs as coasters!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:59, Reply)
Nobody's fault but mine
Changes of location / partner have meant that I've lost loads of stuff, some of it that might be important. Thankfully in my 40s I don't need my degree certificate or any evidence of exams passed, because I have them not. Ditto my birth certificate. I have very few photos of me, in fact no evidence at all in photo form of quite a few relationships and one marriage. Possibly this is for the best.
I bought the first ever Q magazine - back when it was good - also lost, as was a 12inch vinyl of "Uncertain Smile" by The The which would probably be worth a bit by now.
Overall I've lost and thrown away enough stuff to fill several skips, and I'm not sure whether to be ashamed of my profligacy, or relieved that possessions don't mean that much to me. I even binned my old ZX Spectrum last year when my parents moved, and I must have spent the equivalent of several years on that thing, rubber keys and all.
What would I want back if I could have it ? Innocence I guess. Possessions - meaningless. And don't talk to me about sentimental value. I'd rather people remembered me for me rather than for an item associated with me or a present I gave them. Nothing more depressing than after a relative dies, sifting through their stuff, dividing it up and then realising that you'd much rather have that person back than the stuff they left behind them...
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:57, 1 reply)
a spliff
posted to me, by my girl of the day to see me through some part of the day in the months without her during Uni summer hols.

my mum, felt up my post, then after i read the letter within and hid it all in the middle of a stack of magasines (non-pr0n) and went to work. She found it and had thrown it away. It took weeks to sort out the "where is it dilemma" thinking being busted is right round the next corner. We have never spoken of this.

14 years pass. I find out the truth, from my sister. Mother dearest stole my love spliff, took it to my aunt as "her son is on drugs - is it crack?"
"No" says Auntie, sparking it up,"Its just hash" and smoked the rest.

I wish she had just binned it. Not only was it from someone i loved, it was something i love doing destroyed by someone i love, giving it to someone else i love to burn it.

All this love, and i am still bitter about the whole affair. Grrrrr. I am still seething!!!!
She might be my Mum, but good sweet lordy had this tested me. And still, we have never spoken of it.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:54, Reply)
In secondary school
everyone went through that rock phase: y'know, grow your hair long, play in a band, plan world domination through your music. I spent a lot of time dating long-haired guitarists and wearing army coats. Seemingly not much has changed in 15 years...

Anyway, some of the guys I hung out with produced their demo one day. "Sure, give us a copy" I said breezily, waving my 50p at them. Duly purchased, I even mockingly made them sign it in case they ever got famous. I then went home and recorded over it with a cracking set of decent Irish fiddle tunes.

The blokes in question got a record deal, changed their name from 'Vietnam' to 'Ash' and hit the big time.

I have a nice set of Irish fiddle tunes on tape if anyone wants 'em. The cover is signed by Ash.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:53, 6 replies)
My entire.....
...rocky collection, poltergeist, and clown house. All on VHS, sold at a car boot sale for the princely sum of a fiver. I was in bed while she was getting stuff to take and only arrived after she'd sold them. I've never forgiven her!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:52, Reply)
My carefully collected big red bucket of Lego
Lost one day because my skiving uncle came around asking my mum for stuff he could sell at the car boot, she gave him a boot full of toys we 'didn't play with anymore'.

To this day the pain of discovery on coming home from school is still fresh.

Edit: Actually, the same uncle who moved into our old house that my mum was renting out, once more stories of 'hard times' were given and my mum let them move in. Most of the stuff we hadn't had time to move originally (ie, everything from under 12 that I wasn't currently using) was locked in the loft. My uncle asked to store some stuff in there and we never saw any of that stuff again. I think he basically sold what he could, or the kids didn't want to play/wreck, and all the rest that had no worth (to HIM, it was our memories!) he chucked. Funnily enough, my parents live in Wales now and that uncle moved from Doncaster all the way to just up the road from them last year. I really wish my mum would see what a skiver he is, it is so difficult for me to see and not comment on.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:51, 4 replies)
star wars
How many people's mums threw out your beloved star wars collection years before you realised it was worth something. You go up in to the loft/ out to the shed to retrieve your gold and it's gone. Enquiries to your dear mother usually start with "i chucked that out years ago!"

Mothers, they just don't understand!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:50, 1 reply)
Leatherman Wave
This steel nutjob was bought for me as a 30th buffday prezzie. Lost it in a chalet in Sorrento, after i had been trimming my toenails with it.

i suspect the 'creeping jesus' handyman that would wander about with rape and theft on his mind.....Italian CUNT.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:50, 3 replies)
Missing Boxes
One of the companies that I worked for had a bit of a reshuffle in the server room, relocating services etc. and part of this was moving servers and computers into the new premises and getting them plumbed in.

They'd taken delivery of several £4K servers and got them delivered to the new offices, upon arrival the server geeks (Go Geeks!) connected everything up and left the pile of boxes sitting for collection.

A second delivery arrived of more new servers, the day that the empties and other rubbish was being picked up....

You can all see where this is going now can't you.

The refuse collection agents picked up the new servers, assumed that they were filled with rubbish; hoiked them into their bin wagon, and promptly crushed the lot of them, a 16K insurance claim ensued.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:48, Reply)
My dad's vinyl collection
I'm an avid collector of vinyl records. For reasons I can't be much bothered to argue about these days it sounds far superior to CD/digital to me. I hoard as much as I can get my hands on, within reason - the Perry Como records stay in the charity shop..

Growing up in the 60s, my dad bought lots of vinyl and his collection grew to be a fair representation of what was cool back then. I remember leafing through it when very young and would love to get my hands on it now..

However, when I first started collecting vinyl I enquired as to where I might find his collection. Neither of us could find it anywhere in the house. Nobody appeared to know anything about it.

A few years later I'm having a drink with my younger brother, who is also introducing me to weed - something he has been heavily into from the age of 12, while I was shy, retiring, studious and would rarely even have a glass of wine with Sunday dinner. He's regaling me with tales about weed and the subject gets on to the pains of doing without..

It turns out that he sold my dad's entire vinyl collection to his dealer when about 15 because he was that desperate. TWAT!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:48, 3 replies)
Left my Guru Meditation T-Shirt in a hotel room.
Gutted! So Gutted!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:48, 2 replies)
1st page for once
My mum's chucked out a load of my N64 games before, including Blast Corps, Super Mario 64, GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.

I've managed to buy a copy of GoldenEye off a mate, but still, I lost one of the first copies of that game. I assume first anyway as I got it when it came out. Same with PD, managed to re-acquire that, but still, they were all in fine working order and would've fetched a few quid on eBay at some point.

(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:47, 1 reply)
Hoover + Ganja Plant
fucking silly bint
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:47, Reply)
A whole bunch of stuff
Not exactly loved - more needed. Due to my room being a tip (think I was 16 maybe) my mum decided that enough was enough and chucked out pretty much the entire contents of my room that was on the floor. If the numerous Tshirts and CD's weren't enough - I also lost a box that I kept important paperwork and such in - including my birth certificate, payslips, precious birthday cards a bunch of sketches and a bag of weed. I hate rooting through rubbish bins.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:46, Reply)
1st page
No story, but if anyone says that their mum threw away all their Star Wars toys, and they had ALL of them. Then I reserve the right to call bullshit and have them killed.

*Edit* Posted before I saw the post below. Send in the hounds.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:44, 3 replies)
Han, luke and leia mint on card original figures
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:43, 6 replies)
been caught stealin'
My mammy threw away my Jane's Addiction "Ritual de lo Habitual" t-shirt. I loved that t-shirt. I wore it to loads of gigs, I wore it on nights out, I wore it in bed, I wore it wherever I could. But just because it featured a large image of papier-mâché naked people in a colourful threesome - which looked incredible fun - my mammy decided it wasn't appropriate to wear it when visiting my granny and wasn't even fit to be a duster. Bitch.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:42, 3 replies)
Endless amounts of cash
and my LOTR style silver ring that my bf bought me. It fell off in the sea on Anglesey :'(
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:42, Reply)
Oh christ, where to begin?
How about with the load of old comics that would now be worth a small fortune? I had a "Classics Illustrated" that would fetch a fair bit now.

And here's one for the geeks: I owned a circular slide rule. Guess what happened to that when I left for university...
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:41, Reply)
I threw away my glasses
I didn't see them laying on top of the newspaper I had been reading.

£400 worth of specially thinned and coated lenses.


FIRST! - to actually post a story. Even if it was fairly lame.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:40, Reply)
Things I've thrown away that I'd have loved
My chance to be first-post, apparently. Damn you, badly-timed phonecalls!!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:40, Reply)
Baby clothes, childhood photos and toys
The previously mentioned (see: Blood) Dad's new wife decided that she'd do a spring clean just before we moved, and just so happened to be at a time when both myself and my dad were out.

In the loft was a big pile of bags, containing:

- My first babyclothes
- My first teeth
- My first toy
- My first photo
- All my childhood photos, including those featuring my long lost Great-grandparents (both sets, one of which I don't remember)
- All my school photos
- My first Birthday party photos, hat etc.
- My prized collection of "Wonderful World Of Disney" books, worth £150 each, a set of 30.

Suffice to say, I moved out shortly afterwards.

I'm still trying to find photos of me pre-16, at the moment, I have 3.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:40, 7 replies)
I was too busy going on about Status Quo to catch the new qotw!
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:40, Reply)

edit: no no, threw away fourth. too slow.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:39, Reply)
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:39, Reply)
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:38, Reply)

*edit* poo :(

I got divorced a few months ago and moved out. Threw away 90% of my stuff. It felt great. But I'm sure I've got rid of some good stuff though.
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:38, Reply)
I was first after all! :)

What have I lost every mobile phone i've ever had (about 50 so far) And i loved every one of them :(

-edit- When I went to uni my mother decided i didn't want everything i didn't take with me, threw the lot out and turned my room into an office
(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:38, 1 reply)

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