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This is a question Tightwads

There's saving money, and there's being tight: saving money at the expense of other people, or simply for the miserly hell of it.

Tell us about measures that go beyond simple belt tightening into the realms of Mr Scrooge.

(, Thu 23 Oct 2008, 13:58)
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Ok, real Scroogeness time:

My parents kept the Tomato Puree at nearly run out for MONTHS! Literally, months. 4-5 months would not be unusual.

At age 29 I discovered it's cheap as chips. I am still really sparing with it when making a spaghetti bolognese, and cringe internally when my wife sprays it in with wild abandon.

They were the same with toothpaste. Maybe it's a tube thing?

And marmite- all that would be left for months was the crust round the rim.

God, this is going to bug me all night now. Listing things my parents kept nearly run out. I'll probably wake up in a few hours, mumble toothpaste, then doze off again...
(, Thu 23 Oct 2008, 17:46, 1 reply)
The tomatoe Puree thing...
Exact same experience. I couldn't believe how much my boyf uses, or how cheap it is!
(, Wed 29 Oct 2008, 12:35, closed)

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