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This is a question Toilets

Toilets are weird half public/half private spaces. All sorts of stuff goes on in them. They are devious entrances and exits from venues, places to have sex, to snort drugs or even, get this, to defecate. Tell us your favourite toilet stories.

(, Fri 2 Sep 2005, 11:11)
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cruel bog world

As anyone who uses Virgin trains regularly will know, to use their new fangelised toilets you have a button on the outside to open the sliding door, then you step inside and press another button to close it, and have to stand there for an age while the door slowly closes again, and a further button to lock it.

On a really busy commute time train there was a massive que for the bog, with about 8 people in the que, and about a further 15 or so people crammed like cattle into the toilet part of the carriage as, as usual, there were no seats in any of the carriages. In front of me was an old biddy who obviously wasn't very aux fait with the complicated button pressing nature of the toilets. She went in ok, then closed the door ok, and thought she had locked it ok, but about 2 minutes later, just when she was curling one out, the door slowly started its automatic route back to the open position, which let anyone in sight (about 15 people) have a grand stand view of her taking a shit, her wrinkly legs and her old nans pants around her ankles. The worst thing was as the toilet is so far from any of the control buttons she was powerless to do anything apart from have the most horrified expression on her face. And nobody helped her.
(, Wed 7 Sep 2005, 17:30, Reply)

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