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This is a question Too much information

Rakky writes "A friend of mine, when quizzed why she was late to the pub, announced 'I was at accident and emergency, having a stuck tampon removed. They had to have a right old dig around for it.' Suffice to say, no one was interested in their Scampi Fries after that."

When have you shared just that little too much?

(, Thu 6 Sep 2007, 10:09)
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Too much mum-information...
Being extremely sick *and* open minded and having an like minded circle of mates, I am quite used to having way too many moments that almost anyone normal would describe as TMI.

However I think the real icing on the cake was when my then new boyfriend was meeting my mum for the first time. All was going well until the lightweight had consumed perhaps one too many glasses of wine.

It was at this moment that he chose to inform my mum that "your son really does give the most amazing head!"

Bless her, she chose to politely ignore him, although she did later threaten to throw him off the balcony, so perhaps the two are related. I'd like to think so.

Also ..my mates and I reguarly discuss toilet habits...with me often describing my output as "like giving birth to a mud fish".

A subsequent megadump was described as "son of mudfish" until one day after a particuarly heavy toilet session fuelled by way too much pizza the night before, I emerged wasted from the shitter to be greeted by my mate Angela. "Remember the son of mudfish?" I asked innocently, "....well, that was the whole mudfish family..."

TMI to be sure, but I do seem to have created a circle of friends who are almost totally unembarrasable...and I'm so proud :-)

Actually, this was demonstrated to me recently when my mate Ryan emerged from the toilet after using up what sounded like 3/4 roll of toilet paper and I asked him "Did you just give birth to a mudfish?" and he replied "It waved and called me daddy!" Gotta love him :-)

Length?...nah..more a sort of runny girth...:P
(, Mon 10 Sep 2007, 19:11, Reply)

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