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This is a question Too much information

Rakky writes "A friend of mine, when quizzed why she was late to the pub, announced 'I was at accident and emergency, having a stuck tampon removed. They had to have a right old dig around for it.' Suffice to say, no one was interested in their Scampi Fries after that."

When have you shared just that little too much?

(, Thu 6 Sep 2007, 10:09)
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my brother's friend
currently has a really nasty eye infection where the entire white of the eye has turned red. it seeps and oozes pus and he is naturally very sensitive about it.

he was on the train this morning travelling into town and there was a lady sitting opposite him with her little girl. after a few minutes, the little girl tugged at her mother's arm and said plaintively (and loudly):

"mummy, can we move? that man is scaring me. he looks like the devil!"

ok, hearing it doesn't quite qualify as TMI, but i can't stop laughing about it, so thought i would share the love...
(, Wed 12 Sep 2007, 10:01, Reply)

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