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I've had guns pointed at me in many different countries, sometimes even by our own side. I've also sat on my own on a beach on a desert island, which was nice because nobody was trying to shoot me. Tell us your tales of foreign travel.

Thanks to SnowytheRabbit for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Apr 2013, 17:43)
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'Cruise to Bilbao for only £50 a couple' Said the advert.

The ferry, for it was a ferry, was delayed for 8 hours due to a storm. It was finally allowed out of port where we were subjected to 12 hours of misery as we endured some of the worst storms in the bay of biscay in 10 years. I swear I'd never heaved so much in my life.

When I was finally well enough to have a bit of jiggy-jiggy she got on top and the excessive motion of the ship did all the work. Which was probably for the best in light of the way I felt.

We arrived at Bilbao so late we only had 2 hours on the ground to allow the ferry to unload and reload the vehicles... which was fortunate as it was a national holiday in Spain so nearly everywhere was shut.
We also nearly got rumbled with 8000 fags we'd smuggled back as coming back through customs everyone else had a small holdall of luggage and my wife had packed enough clothes for a 4 week holiday in a suitcase I was struggling to drag past the inspectors.
When they asked me what was in the case I sighed, glanced at my girlfriend and said,"HER clothes."
My girlfriend beamed at the officer and they clearly took pity on me and waved us through.

Shittest 'cruise' ever.
(, Fri 19 Apr 2013, 11:51, Reply)

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