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This is a question Twat Friends

BraynDedd tugs our sleeve and asks: "You know the one, the mate who is guaranteed to ruin every social situation by being an embarrassment/sexist/racist/bellend etc. Tell us about your twattiest mate."

(, Thu 19 Sep 2013, 10:50)
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I love the image of him plying the smooth chat while simultaneously curling one out

Then again, my memories of student nurses are that a mere shit wouldn't put them off a possible session of jungle-fucking.

...must have pissed the cat in the wheely bin right off, though.
(, Mon 23 Sep 2013, 10:47, 1 reply)
it cant have minded too much or it would have taken his bollocks off

(, Mon 23 Sep 2013, 11:25, closed)

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