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This is a question Tales of the Unexplained

Flying saucers. Big Cats. Men in Black. Satan walking the Earth. Derek Acorah, also walking the Earth...

Tell us your stories of the supernatural. WoooOOOooOO!

suggestion by Kaol

(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 10:03)
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school bus dreams
When I was in year 11 I used to live one town over from the local highschool and had to catch the bus in and out of town every day. One night before school I had dreamt that on the way to school the bus driver pulled the bus off the road in between the two towns and made everyone get out. He then drove a little bit ahead of us and waited for us to catch up. Once we had, he would drive off a short distance again, over and over again, like that game dads like to play to piss off their kids.

I told a friend the next morning at the bus stop and she laughed and said "Wouldn't it be funny if that dream was trying to tell you that the bus was going to break down this morning?"

Ten minutes later we were mid way between the two towns, the snowy river on the left and dairy farms on the right when the bus driver had to pull the bus over. Sure enough, the night of my dream someone had siphoned petrol out of the bus' tank and had caused us to break down. Only true dream I've ever had, but once is enough. I'm just glad I told my friend about it before it happened or no one would have believed
(, Sat 5 Jul 2008, 11:43, Reply)

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