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This is a question Starting something you couldn't finish

Finnbar says: I used to know a guy who tattooed LOVE across his left knuckles, but didn't tattoo HATE on the other knuckles because he was right-handed and realised he couldn't finish. Ever run out of skills or inspiration halfway through a job?

(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 13:32)
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Well in my defence I was a curious 14 year old...
my dear old mum's pride and joy was a Grundig reel to reel tape recorder.

There was a problem with it.
It was unpredictable in the speed that the tapes went through, so being the curious sort, I stripped the machine down and found the problem. One of the spindles was jamming (not with Bob Marley) but with some tape wrapped tightly around it.

I removed the tape, checked that the spindle rotated freely.
Fixed... Job done... I walked off leaving the Grundig in bits.

I also did something similar to her Dansette (google it, young 'uns)... took it apart, found the problem and left it in bits too... but this time I was reined back in to put it together again.
(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 14:32, closed)
Woo for Dansette's
I still have a FULLY functioning one sat in the lounge, tucked in it's little corner directly opposite the BEST ever 'hi-fi' ever made.
Shall crank it up laters now you've reminded me of it.
(, Fri 25 Jun 2010, 2:30, closed)

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