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This is a question Starting something you couldn't finish

Finnbar says: I used to know a guy who tattooed LOVE across his left knuckles, but didn't tattoo HATE on the other knuckles because he was right-handed and realised he couldn't finish. Ever run out of skills or inspiration halfway through a job?

(, Thu 24 Jun 2010, 13:32)
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Gravity's Rainbow
After hearing many good things about Thomas Pynchon, V being one of the books mentioned in detail, I decided to give it a read, however rather than buying V I thought I would give Gravity's Rainbow a go.
The plot based around V2 rockets appealed to me, what can I say.
However after countless attempts I seem to get so far before something else pops up. The best I ever managed was on a bus ride from Leeds to Nottingham (and back again) where I managed to get rather far (at least I think so) into the story, and as much as I enjoy reading it I just never found the time during my degree to give it all of my attention.

Although saying that, having now finished my degree I reckon it is a good a time as any to pick it up again and finish reading it. It is very well written and I have enjoyed it so far.

Damn you lengthy time consuming books! I need more time in the day to read you!
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 2:25, 3 replies)
I liked it.
Against The Day, now that's a Pynchon book I can't finish. Gravity's Rainbow, I started once, then restarted and finished it. It's actually a pretty funny book to read, but I wouldn't get too hung up on the plot if I were trying to get through it. It's there, but it's much easier to read if you just go with it, and laugh at the jokes. You can make the connections later on to fill in the plot if you want, but it's kind of a crazy surreal story.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 4:32, closed)
me too
I have gone past the part where he has an almighty hangover and been at a bombsite having sex or something and just can't seem to go beyond it. Only problemn is I have recommened it to others to appear cool and am afraid of being found out when they start to talk bout stuff in it so will try for the 3rd time.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 11:18, closed)
I've tried at least half a dozen times
I can only ever remember the bit about the bananas.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2010, 14:46, closed)

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