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This is a question Local Urban Legends

Urban legends from around your way, suggests top contributor Spanishfly. So tell us of your local legends and myths.

(, Sun 8 Jan 2017, 17:30)
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Screw Job Bob - Local Legend
A bit pathetic, this one...

Back in the mid-80s I was driving my girlfriend home and we were stopped at a light.

She points to a man across the intersection and says, "Oh, there's Screw-Job Bob."

I asked about the unusual nickname and she explained that he had a mild mental disability from a car accident and lived on the proceeds from an insurance settlement. He constantly chatted up (what he thought were) impressionable schoolgirls (15-18 range) hoping to score. They, in turn, tried to talk him into purchasing them some alcohol, after which they could ditch him. The running average of successful results was: girls about 50%, Bob 0%.

Thirty years later I overheard a couple of girls talking about him as my wife and I came out of the movies.

"Who wants to hit up Screw-Job for a pint of vodka?"

"No way. That's so junior high. My brother's home from college and he'll buy liquor for us."
(, Tue 17 Jan 2017, 6:14, 3 replies)
I do so enjoy the delightfully vulgar anecdotes of the proletariat.

(, Tue 17 Jan 2017, 16:06, closed)
I couldn't make head nor tail of it, is there a good online American to English translator?

(, Tue 17 Jan 2017, 19:30, closed)
Basically in his town trashy schoolgirls used to jail-bait some mentally defective peado into buying them booze.
He married one of them.
No-one looks good in this thread, not even me.
(, Wed 18 Jan 2017, 12:32, closed)

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