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This is a question My Worst Vomit

We all love a drink. Some of us love them so much they want to see them again on the way out of their mouths. I once got caught by surprise by the boozy sickness while chatting to some friends in my kitchen. Quick as a flash I grabbed a nearby pan and chundered away merrily in it. Realising it was probably time for bed I staggered off to my room. Unfortunately, my co-ordination failed just as I reached the landing and I somersaulted down the entire flight of stairs with my saucepan full of vomit. Beat that!

(, Thu 19 Aug 2004, 21:00)
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I went to a party after a dinner.
At the dinner, I didn't like potatoes, but decided to swallow them whole.

I went back to my friends grans house for a house-party(She was on holiday). Being very tired, I decided to go to bed.

This is the result:

I puked whole potatoes.

I woke up staring at the Pope! It scared the shite out of me. Needless to say, I let the bastard host by a new mattress :)
(, Thu 19 Aug 2004, 21:23, Reply)

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