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This is a question My Worst Vomit

We all love a drink. Some of us love them so much they want to see them again on the way out of their mouths. I once got caught by surprise by the boozy sickness while chatting to some friends in my kitchen. Quick as a flash I grabbed a nearby pan and chundered away merrily in it. Realising it was probably time for bed I staggered off to my room. Unfortunately, my co-ordination failed just as I reached the landing and I somersaulted down the entire flight of stairs with my saucepan full of vomit. Beat that!

(, Thu 19 Aug 2004, 21:00)
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my 18th birthday
On my 18th birthday me and 3 friends all went out and got annihilated on various booze from grappa, to Jegermeister, to cidrer, alchopops and beer. after a drunken attempt to get into a night club, we returned home, only for all of us to be sick at various times into a bucket which was left on the floor. At this point i collapsed on the floor, hitting my head on the raditaor and knocking myself out.

heres the nasty bit

When i came to all i can remember needed to do is vom. My simple drunken brain saw a bucket stood up infront of me (remember im still horizontal), and with 2 hands grabbed said bucket and rotated 90 degrees towards me for easy vom access. Sadly, as previously stated it was full of (4 peoples) puke. Thus, i got a few litres of mixed vomit in the face. Not that i cared much as i preceded to pass out, 18 for 21 hours and already lost all my adult decency - rar!
(, Sun 22 Aug 2004, 23:22, Reply)

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