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This is a question Vomit Pt2

It's been nearly six years since we last asked about your worst vomit, so:

Tell us tales of what went in, what came out and where it all went after that.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 17:02)
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Oh yes! I almost forgot this one...
I was on a normal night at my local and there was a group of quite rowdy lads obviously gearing up for a big night out somewhere else (you can't have a big night out where I live, it's called Crowthorne, look it up).

One of these upstanding young gents then decides he needs to be sick but that physics didn't apply to him and thought he could hide it by simply covering his mouth with his hand - cue an epic projectile into the CEILING of the pub! A good 3-4 feet above the young mans mouth.

What happened was that his hand formed a "mirror" if you like, and his sick simply "reflected" off this surface onto the ceiling!
(, Sat 9 Jan 2010, 1:27, Reply)

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