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This is a question Vomit Pt2

It's been nearly six years since we last asked about your worst vomit, so:

Tell us tales of what went in, what came out and where it all went after that.

(, Thu 7 Jan 2010, 17:02)
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On the N207
The good old night bus.

Me and my flatmates from Uni decided to head into London for a night out, what followed was a pretty decent one too - I even managed to have a fair few Jamesons without the inevitable sickness (can't say the same about the violent outbursts but that's another story for another time). The place was called On Anon and as far as I know it still is. Look it up it's in central London.

So my good mate Nick was destroyed as per usual and proceeded to be kicked out onto the street, namely the massive Piccadilly Circus street. Now being the supportive mates we were at the time we promptly told him to stay out the front, try not to get raped and we'd see him at closing. Which we did.

Being Nick he'd gone straight to one of the hot dog stands that line this stretch of pavement and not having enough money, he'd bartered a bit of bread with mustard on. Then lost his wallet for the 3rd time that year (he's currently on 9 I think the total score is). Come 2ish me and the boys headed out to find him and trek the street or 2 to find the night bus. We found him anyway, covered from knee to toe in mustard (god knows how a hot dog could have so much of the yellow stuff on it) and got the bus.

We headed straight upstairs and were shortly joined by a rowdy bird who wouldn't shut up (just as our headaches were nicely settling in) and her 2 mates who seemed decent enough. Now all this time the focus was on Nick and making sure we didn't lose him and he wasn't sick on himself (or us) but from nowhere, my mate Tom let loose a river of sick that took on its own currents and tides every set of traffic lights and roundabout!

This set the girl off even more but what she didn't realise was that the sick was slowly closing in on her and shortly she was surrounded (think Admiral Ackbar "it's a trap!" it was that stealthy). Needless to say we were lauging like fuck for the next 2 hours watching her struggle to keep away from this river of bile that seemed to follow her for the rest of the journey, classic.
(, Sat 9 Jan 2010, 16:26, Reply)

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